Our Mission

Preston Driving School offers driver education to high school students.

At Preston Driving School it is our intention to educate and instruct your beginning driver to the best of our ability.  Outside the classroom instruction time, your child will be driving for a minimum of six hours on Michigan roads and highways with a highly qualified instructor.  During the six hours of road time, your child will have various types of driving experiences.  Beginning with the most basic driving tasks and ending with more difficult driving tasks.  After completing Segment 1, each student will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to begin Segment 2.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Be Trained in Rules of the Road
  • Learn Driving Safety
  • Gain Confidence Behind the Wheel
  • Fully Prepare for the State Licensing Test

Class Schedules

We have added our 2018-2019 class schedules.  Check the schedule page to see the available class dates and times.  Select the appropriate button on the top of this page for the class schedule.  


Segment I or Segment II class contracts are available here.   Select the appropriate button to download the application to our next class.  Download, print, and complete the Preston Driving School contract.  Bring the completed form and your payment to  the 1st day of class. 


Complete the required fields and press the submit button in order to ensure availability at our next Segment I or Segment II class.  

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments please contact Preston Driving:
E-mail:    randy.preston@prestondriving.com
Telephone:  517-627-6467
Mailing Address:  12546 Oneida Woods Trail, Grand Ledge, MI 48837